Chew Diligence Podcast: KC Women Empowering Women in the Restaurant Industry

Chef Kara was recently selected to travel to New York for a Women In Hospitality United seminar about some of the adversity and challenges for women working in the restaurant & hospitality industries. We’re very proud of her important and much-needed work to help future female chefs face fewer, completely unnecessary obstacles as they hone their craft and chase their dreams.

Chef Kara and her fellow representatives at the Women In Hospitality United seminar.

After returning to KC, the Chew Diligence podcast, hosted by Lindsay Shively and Jill Silva, kindly invited Chef Kara to join Anakaren Ibarra of Rye KC and Caitlin Corcoran of Ça Va to discuss their experiences as national representatives on these and other important issues facing women in restaurants & hospitality. Topics they tackle include:

  • sexual harassment
  • maternity leave
  • balancing work and family
  • mental health
  • lack of human resources in restaurants
  • feeling apologetic for personal needs outside of work
  • and more

Many thanks to Chew Diligence for helping to amplify this important message that we should all have a greater awareness of and empathy for.

Below are links to listen to their conversation via several different podcast distributors. Thanks for your interest and attention!

KSHB Kansas City

Art19: Chew Diligence

Apple Podcasts: Chew Diligence

Stitcher: Chew Diligence


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