Makin' It Happen


Ryan Wing

Ryan is a native Californian with strong Midwest roots. After high school he pursued his (then) dream of becoming an audio engineer by attending Ex’pression College for Digital Arts followed by recording & mixing music in Oakland, CA and Seattle, WA studios. After developing a passion for sustainability and generally wanting to make the world a little more awesome, he Rock Chalk Jayhawk’d through the University of Kansas while majoring in Economics, Geography, International Studies, completing a minor in Business, and studying abroad in Hong Kong for one semester. He then joined Johnson County Community College’s Center for Sustainability as a Senior Analyst where he helped guide efforts to ensure that human created systems play nice with the world’s ecosystems. Ryan is married to the most amazing gal there ever done was, Amanda, and serves at the beck & call of their two cats, Bessie & Norah, and their dog, Roux.

Lilly Long
General Manager

After spending eight years with large national and local grocery chains, Lilly has found herself quite at home with The Sundry. Her passion and love for food and Kansas City brought her to The Sundry in 2015, where she wears many of the same hats as she does at home.  As the mother of two lovely children, Julia and Miles, Lilly has mastered the necessary skills–including but not limited to first aid, using a sing songy voice, and a bit of coddling–to cultivate and manage the vision and the team here at The Sundry.

Ayana Teran
Butcher. Maker.

Robin Harvey
“Talk to me about your day, my day, new meal ideas, cool products, or drums. Ask me how I got to work today! I will be the one with the most facial hair. ”

Madison Palmer

Tyler Miller

Joel McGuire

Kenyon Rambo II
Kitchen. Market.

Silvia Poblete